Cleaning and Maintenance

Like all natural stone products, how often you clean it will depend on the location and amount of use the surface gets.  

Stonework in commercial, educational or urban areas are more prone to higher levels of pollutants such as oil, chewing gum, and cigarettes. All of these can be difficult to remove on a hard surface.

To keep your stonework in good condition, it should be regularly maintained and cleaned.

We are able to recommend, supply and apply a specialist cleaning and sealant system for your stonework. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

As a natural material, our products will weather in a similar way to natural stone.

If you’d prefer a more natural look, we recommend using a light cleaning regime to remove large deposits of dirt, sap etc. This will allow the stonework to age organically. Whatever the location, cleaning will be helped by the wind and rain.

If you’re looking to clean your stonework, avoid using acid and make sure no fluid falls into planting areas.

If you are unsure please contact us before applying any chemical cleaners to your stonework.

Cleaning exterior stonework

Use a stiff bristled brush and water to sweep away dry dirt. You can also use low pressure hosing.

For mechanical sweeping, pay attention to the material of your stonework. If it’s butt-jointed and sand is used in the bedding, make sure the vacuum-type sweepers don’t remove the sand.


Cleaning interior stonework

How often you clean will depend on the amount of use the surface gets.

As with all internal surfaces, it’s common for dust to gather. A bit of light sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner will help remove this.

Mop up any spills immediately to stop the spreading liquid any further. Give the whole area a wash with a solution of 30% bleach to water, helping to bleaching the stone.

Mechanical brushing machines can also be used for larger areas.

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