L Modules

L modules allow you to create stonework in interesting shapes and sizes. Use them to design amphitheatres, seating and planting areas, retaining walls, benches, tiers, steps, balustrades, fountains and table supports.

Our L modules are ideal for creating unique amphitheatres, performance venues and outdoor teaching areas. By combining with our step products you can create a truly unique, inspiring outdoor space.

The L-shaped modules are normally smooth and hand-finished on the outer surface. They can be treated on the inside as well if you need it.

Usually they’re made without reinforcement – if you need it there then we can add reinforcement in the centre of the material.

Advice on using L modules

L modules are available in a number of different dimensions and we can advise on the best ways to incorporate them within your specific scenario.

For example:
When using to make tiers or planting areas, it’s important to focus on drainage to make sure it doesn’t become an issue in future.

In retaining walls, the height of the earth banked behind it should not exceed the height of the wall itself. Heavy soils should be replaced with lighter garden soil and planting should be carried out as quickly to prevent the earth from compacting.

If you’re looking to add restraints or mechanical fixing, you’ll need specialist fixing sockets and bracketry. Please let our team know if you’re looking to add these features and we can advise you.

Recent installations include Highgate School Discovery Garden, Aston University Amphitheatre, Racecourse Road Amphitheatre in Dublin and an amphitheatre to Caterham School. See our blog to see photos and find out more.

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