Georgian Farmhouse

Ali and Gary Baugh have sensitively restored and extended a listed Georgian Farmhouse, creating a family home that exudes character.

The house’s two front doors, plus the mismatching front and rear structure are evidence that this was once two homes.

The traditional Flemish brickwork bonding pattern was replicated on the extension with lime mortar. On the inside, the same care and attention to detail has resulted in a unique ambience.

The house is a fusion of both Gary and Ali’s styles. The couple have found a mid-point, with the emphasis on natural materials like the Blanc de Bierges spiral staircase, a mix of classic and modern country furniture and carefully planned lighting.

Ali says ‘I wouldn’t want to move from here. I am not one to finish a project and want to move on to something else. What we have done here has added a lot of value, but our aim is to make it a home’.

The creamy buff-coloured Blanc de Bierges stone spiral staircase is cleverly set against an eggshell blue canvas and sits on a natural limestone farmhouse floor.

The staircase not only provides a sculptured feature but also links the existing farmhouse kitchen and dining room with the bedrooms of the new extension.

As a timeless classic, the Blanc de Bierges spiral staircase works alongside the surrounding elements to create a seamless blend between old and new, which Ali says ‘looks like it has always been there.’

The Blanc de Bierges spiral staircase is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

The non-slip finish coupled with a closed riser are important safety features. All structural components are fully reinforced. Semi-standard or bespoke versions with landings can be made to clients’ specific requirements.

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