L and U Modules

Perhaps the most versatile component available within our range, L and U shaped modules can be used to create almost any feature, from retaining walls to steps, amphitheatres to seating areas.  Their flexibility allows them to be incorporated into both modern and classical schemes.

Our L and U modules can be combined with other products in our range, including our steps and are perfect for creating amphitheatres, performance venues and outdoor teaching areas. 

L modules

The L-shaped modules are normally smooth and hand finished on the outer surface only, lending themselves equally well to retaining walls or steps.   

For more unusual applications, our L modules can also be finished on both sides – making them more uniform in dimension and more practical for creating seating areas and street furniture. 

U modules

Our U-shaped modules are particularly useful in the construction of larger stepped areas and amphitheatres. 

We can provide technical advice on the best dimensions for your project and how to successfully install them within your scheme.

  • Can be reinforced as required
  • Special adaptations including lighting can be specified
  • Incorporation of mechanical fixings upon request.


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