Paving Setts

Create unique forms and features to complement structures and landscapes with our stunning range of paving setts.

Resembling traditional cobblestones, our paving setts offer complete flexibility to any landscape.  Available in a striated finish as standard, subtle texture can be incorporated to suit both contemporary or traditional spaces.

When manufactured in tapered form, they can accommodate curves and contours in with ease.  Whilst our straight-edged setts are ideal for arrangements along straight lines.

With a completely flat surface area, our paving setts offer pedestrians increased comfort and safety. 

With or without jointing?

  • Without joints – can be laid on their own on a 140mm module
  • With joints – coordinate with the other products on a 150mm module.

For large spaces

Our ‘Multi sett’ straight-laid slab is the most economical solution for covering large spaces:

  • Combines four 140mm x 140mm sets into one slab
  • Available in both the 50 and 70mm thicknesses.

Paving Calculator

Length Width Height Per m2
140x140x50 mm Sett 140 140 50 52
140x210x50 mm Sett 140 210 50 35
140x140x70 mm Sett 140 140 70 52
140x210x70 mm Sett 140 210 70 35

Figures are excluding joints and are approximate.
Other sizes are available upon request.

Paving Calculator