Our elegant range of traditional, integrated and radial steps are available in over 80 styles and combine elegance with practicality.  

With four riser heights and over 80 styles of step, Blanc de Bierges can provide the perfect solution for any environment.  By offering a number of tread grip options, including high visibility for partially sighted pedestrians, we are confident that we can meet your unique design requirements.

Our steps can be laid horizontally, vertically or on edge to form stairs, low walls, kerbs or sills and either the straight or the rounded edge can be left visible.

We are also able to integrate anti-slip and visibility strip recesses to ensure compliance with current building regulations.

Traditional steps

Formed from separate tread and risers, these can be employed in harmony with slabs and other Blanc de Bierges products to create truly unique installations.

Integrated steps

Using a combined tread and riser, a seamless flow of steps can be constructed, along with the option to incorporate slabs, steps and tree surrounds.  We also offer special small steps with straight or tapered edges, enabling a free form approach for designers.

Radial steps

Ideal for creating grand entrances, radial designs can also offer practical pedestrian traffic management.  Available with non-slip and high visibility nosings, they can be formed from traditional tread and riser sections or for a more fluid design – modules can be specified.  Tapered and straight edge options can be combined to accommodate almost any radius or curve.


  • The standard length of unit is 590mm, to integrate with our paving modules.  Riser and tread sizes can also be adapted to suit your specific needs.
  • Any components greater than 600mm in length may be reinforced as required. These made to order components are not recommended to be used in combination with standard steps less than 600mm in length.  
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